Sunday, 11 January 2015

Concrete India or Green India?

Much is said about India's rise as a superpower in the 21st century. With the new government, hopes are higher than ever. Skyscrapers are being constructed all over our land and industries are set up. With the ever modernisation, are not our urban areas changing into concrete jungles?

India is experiencing a huge technological and infrastructural boost.
Urbanisation has driven the country in chaos. For more availability of space,  
trees are slaughtered.  Malls are constructed. Residential buildings spread over the horizons. So whre is the greenery?  Where are the trees? Where is that serene ambience that only greenery  can provide?
Prime Minister Modi's Clean India Mission should have an embellishment. Doesnt having a clean India mean having a clean and serene atmosphere? And how could we have a clean India with little greenery? 
Looking to the brighter side, efforts are being made by some of the cities towards a green India.
Chandigarh, the greenest city in India, has plaaned to establish "city forests" under the supervision of Department of Forest and Environment.

This bedazzling beautiful sceenery of Gandhinagar proves that our government is not completely blind to environmental awareness. But is that enough? Such scanty parks and gardens around the city for the sake of evincing a patch greeneery long faded?
How are we to redeem our pledge of an eco friendly India if we ourselves support this modernisation that cares little for environmental protection? Have you ever thought what becomes of the plants that are planted by your local politicians in a public place nearby? I can tell you. Another plant waits to be planted there after a year. Are we not equally responsible for this environmental degredation?
This whole ambiguity of infrastructural development and environmental protection that goes side by side is a major challenge before the country. Let us, for the sake of mother India and for our upcoming generations, pledge today to plant and raise atleast one plant in our garden. I have a whole garden, do you?
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  1. India has come a long way recently in education and development of cities. Great to hear about the consideration of systainable living while developing.

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  3. Great article. It is great to take initiative instead of just enjoying the luxuries. :)

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